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Running: For beginners who have never run before.

For women. Tips and advice on how to get started, clothing, footwear, nutrition and other essentials. How not to overwork, how not to harm your body and mind. How to motivate yourself. Exercise techniques, methods, programs. I do not train professional athletes for international competitions, but I will be of great help to anyone who wants to run and thus strengthen their body and mind throughout their life. I will prepare people to become strong, healthy, positive and champions, not by competing with others, but by rediscovering their own strength and self-confidence! All of my programs and methods have been developed through long and patient training: Sunrise Running, Running with Friends, 10 Mile Run, Relaxation Running, Running to help you overcome difficult stressful situations and find optimal solutions, Running for body shaping, Running for legs and knees, Strength training and much more. Also studies, self-improvement through courses and books. The book "Magic" had a great influence on the positive changes in my personality. I strengthened my knowledge and experience by reading books about the sports practices of famous people, such as the charismatic intellectual Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is the most successful bodybuilder in the history of sports. The running almanac, which is recommended reading for anyone interested in running: The complete book of running. James F.

Fix. Tamara Hill Norton, founder of the popular UK women's sportswear giant Sweaty Betty, provides the right lifestyle advice for a healthy body and mind. And many other books that have become classics in the sports world. I definitely know how to help you take THAT first step, which is... i.e. put on your sneakers and sail off into the uniquely cool hippie life.

In order to further improve my running and experience its maximum benefits for the body, I discovered kettlebell sports and fitness exactly 1 year ago. I was so interested and inspired by this sport that I went to Russia to learn the subtleties and techniques of this sport with the famous coach Svetlana, a multiple world champion. I'm a certified kettlebell trainer, so I'm excited to share and teach you how to train your body in a highly effective way for women that energizes, engages, motivates and gives you even more confidence!

Don't wait for anything and don't waste time. Contact me and together we will begin the journey to an incredible transformation of your body and mind and your success in all areas of life.

Three, two, one - let's start!

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